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Mr Coltrane

Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim and Gonzalo at the Piano

Gonzalo Rubalcaba and the Quartet featuring Dave Holand

Richard Galliano Quartete Ljubljiani

Richard Galliano Quartet v Ljubljani from Sniffer Baltazar – Bal on Vimeo.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba (2000)-Mediatheque Jazz

Video “The Making of Love Day” Richard Galliano/Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Check-out Gonzalo’s soloing starting at 4:00…

Gonzalo with The Great Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba

Gonzalo plays an awesome solo starting at 5.48

Gonzalo and Freddie Hubbard In Japan “A Night in Tunisia”

Gonzalo and Friends Jam with the Billy Cobham-George Duke Band on “RED BARON” at Montreux

Gonzalo makes his appearance around  6:50 in..

Videos of The Great Ignacio Berroa, My Friend

Ignacio Berroa and  Dizzy Gillespie

Ignacio Berroa and Gonzalo Rubalcaba “Caravan”

Ignacio Berroa and Gonzalo Rubalcaba “Trading Eights’

Ignacio Berroa , Adam Rafferty , Bill Huntington

Ignacio Berroa  “Woody n’ You”

Ignacio Berroa “Nothing Personal”

Ignacio Berroa and The HRT Big Band “Splanky”

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