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Volcan- Criteria Recording Sessions Jan 2013

Volcan Rehearsals 2013

Volcan Rehearsals Jan 12, 2013

The Best Concerts of 2012, as Seen by New York Times Critics

CHUCHO VALDéS/GONZALO RUBALCABA/DANILO PéREZ/EGBERTO GISMONTI, Carnegie Hall, Dec. 4. In this Latin jazz summit meeting, four magnificent pianists — Mr. Valdés and Mr. Rubalcaba from Cuba, Mr. Pérez from Panama and Mr. Gismonti from Brazil — played solos, duets and a quartet for Carnegie Hall’s Voices From Latin America series. Dazzling virtuosity and puckish wit, genteel melodies and two-fisted abstractions, pointillistic filigrees and swirling cascades of notes — not to mention an occasional improvisatory overload — all had their moments in music that was never too far away from a dance rhythm. Read More……

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