Each production involves an effort, journey, new difficulties and contradictions, an aim. I don’t know why, but going into a studio  means not only handing over, but also finding. Perhaps it’s because while there I’m by myself, no matter how many good people surround me. I gather that each one of those present has the same feeling. Only one thing transforms this solitude: to have arrived at the studio with the group of memories accumulated during tours and encounters with widely dispersed audiences. Ours is the essence of trust, the practice of dialog: communication, answer and surrender being the absolute elements of the unique act we call “concert.” To arrive at the studio (laboratory or archive) with this consideration looming actually benefits us – by converting or detouring tension, nervousness, worries about the cold and calculated setting into a calm, amused air of enjoyment. Still this techno-acoustic space always tends to make us desperate, submerge us, and even drown us in a cycle of cold and hot, light and darkness. That’s to be expected of such a place, given the desires, capacities and energies of those who inhabit it. Not that creation depends upon a specific physical space. Creation neither begins nor ends there, but rather it expands and contracts all the while it lasts. Such creation embraces the foreseen (in this case, the composed) and the unforeseen (here, the improvised)  We’re in the presence of both professional virtuosity at its interpretive heights, and also immediate creativity wherein each individual imagination exercises a peculiar leadership that involves soloing and accompanying, declaring and being declared to, giving orientation and getting oriented, at once. This is the process through which democracy, prudence, gallantry,knowledge, love, faith and conviction are ever better defined. “Inner Voyage” is just that – a spiritual journey that hopes to capture the most intense or compelling truths of each chosen situation or special moment when happiness reveals itself to us, despite adversity. Moments during which we feel alone and important, having learned how to live with each other from our children, having admired the path of people who keep their feet on the ground, who contribute to life with actions based on dreams and the analysis of nature and its propositions. We await with urgency -and seek to hasten -solutions to the uncertainties of withdrawal and return, permanency or evolution of the cultural traditions from which we’ve sprung, and their relations with other systems of reproduction, or life.

– Gonzalo Rubalcaba