By Dan Ouellette, Senior Editor ZEALnyc, August 1, 2017

…..Valdés and Rubalcaba, both Afro-Cuban piano virtuosos of different generations, started out low key and lyrical before the conversations, with a subtle sense of humor, began and carried the 88 keys into a grand display of mastery. They looked across at each other with big smiles, played tricks on each other and complemented each other as they traded lines and harmonized. They spurred each other on. Disappointedly, they left the duo setting and settled for solo territory. Valdés began with his magical take on “Waltz for Debby” and a lyrical swing through “Irresistibly You” before giving way to Rubalcaba who launched into unpredictable chordal splashes then settled into a heartfelt homage to his friend and collaborator the late bassist Charlie Haden by playing “My Love and I” (introduced as “Mi Amor y Yo”), a Johnny Mercer tune that Haden played with his Quartet West group. Valdés returned and the pair played their finest in an extended version of “Caravan,” whimsically playing off each other with shape-shifting tempos and rhythms. Fresh and crisp, the duo dreamed up surprise after surprise, turning the stage into a jazz playground…..