Buenas Tardes…..We hope this message finds you in good health and spirit.... 

I am very happy to report that things are moving along quite nicely and we have been making the best of the summer months... 

One of the highlights for me this summer was my reunion with my old friend and legendary musician Charlie Hayden. I was thrilled to spend time with him play with him at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. My great hope is that we can record an album together one day soon. We wish him continued good health and much happiness. 

I turned 50 this year and I'm happy to know that the best is yet to come. I am well blessed.

I recently played a concert in Bilbao, Spain where I played some rather demanding classical pieces by J.S. Bach and the spanish composer Turina with the Symphonic Orchestra of Bilbao.  Later this year I will be participating in the filming of a documentary about Ernesto Lecuona. Preparations for these more classical projects have been rigorous, challenging and quite gratifying . 

I continue to work on a trilogy of musical pieces entitled "Pasos". The first movement of the eventual trilogy was completed late last year and performed in December at Carnegie Hall. The 8-part manuscript of this music is installment is available for free download here. My plan is to eventually record the three movements for CD release. 

 We have completed  the first of what will surely be a series of “Volcan” albums, featuring Jose Armando Gola, Horracio “El Negro” Hernandez, Giovanni Hidalgo and myself.  We are happy to report that the disc was mixed at one of 5Passion's studios and is currently being mastered by our old friend Allan Tucker at Foothill Digital.  The disc is now available at the iTunes store and will be at CDBaby and Amazon and ready for worldwide distribution very shortly. 

Volcan have had several rehearsals in preparation for tours in support of the release.  We just returned from the Caribbean and South America and are preparing for European dates beginning later this year.  You can here snippets of the music here.

Alex Sipiagin released his album "From Reality and Back" on our label in April of this year. We are blessed to be able to present talent of this calibre  on our independent label in spite of the rather difficult times we live in. The album includes the masterful playing of Mr. Dave Holland, Mr. Antonio Sanchez , Mr Seamus Blake and of course Alex. You can listen to snippets of the album as well as all 5Passion releases here.  

We are expecting the arrival of Jose Armando Gola's "Electric Gola" and Yosvany Terry's "Ye-de-gbe" shortly. These offerings will be very interesting releases....

My good friend, the great Ignacio Berroa, drummer for Dizzy Gillespie's United Nations Orchestra for more than ten years, is finally making final arrangements to begin recording his new disc entitled "My Heritage, My Passion".... We are looking forward to recording his wonderful sound. He is one of the few drummers in this world that can handle both the Latin and Straight Ahead Jazz languages with power and authority. The album promises to be a cross cultural dynamo...

I continue to work on my next solo disc entitled "Caminos" . We are currently editing the album and hope to have it ready later this year. The album will include the efforts of some very special guests. We shooting for an early 2014 release.

We are especially pleased to be integrating the use of our newly completed tracking studio in Miami. We feel this will give us a greater capacity to produce music for the label with greater flexibility and comfort. We acquired a gorgeous Steinway D Hamburg from Klavierhaus in NYC. It will reside in the studio for our full time use along with a fabulous Rhodes Mark V. 

I am leaving to Taipei for a trio concert this evening. In addition to the Volcan dates, I’ll be touring as usual playing solo , duo and trio dates in the coming months. 

For further details check out my blog at http://www.g-rubalcaba.com/blog/

Lot’s of other great things developing, all for which I’m humbled and thankful. 

As always, thank you for your support.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Gary Galimidi and the 5Passion family!


El otro modo de ser de Rubalcaba - Pablo Sanz – El Mundo - Lunes 8, Julio 2013

El pianista cubano, de nombre Gonzalo, apabulla con una lección de virtuosismo...

El jazz es la única música donde el virtuosismo interpretativo se vendea la baja, porque la técnica instrumentalya se le presupone y aquí lo que cuenta es lá emoción final. A Gonzalo Rubalcaba le hemos visto últimamente demasiado ...

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Charlie Haden and Gonzalo Rubalcaba at 15th Annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival May 31- June 9 Photos by Joseph Daley

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5Passion Tracking Studio Up and Running....


The 5Passion Tracking Studio is up and running... We are blessed to have this facility, which will allow our artists and friends a flexible and friendly  environment in which to make music. It's not located in NYC, but it is located in Miami....the beat goes on...

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