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Welcome to The Gonzalo Rubalcaba Story – A Work in Progress…. And thank you for tuning in!

As the title infers, this is in fact a work in progress, and you are welcome to check in as the chapters develop. Contributions to this eBook will come from Gonzalo’s family, friends, colleagues and from Gonzalo himself.  If you check closely, you’ll see there’s even a chapter for Gonzalo’s fan’s to share their personal experiences regarding Gonzalo and his music. Are you a fan? Please feel free to share your story with us.  I’ll surely be one of the first.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s story is a fascinating one. His talent is astonishing, and his life to date is an epic story of dedication, survival and vindication. Born in La Habana during challenging times, the stories we will relive here reveal a persistent and focused man driven to express his love for music regardless of the “noise” around him.

Gonzalo is an extremely articulate man. He is a deep thinker, and each and every conversation I have had with him over the short year that I have known him personally has always sent me off…. thinking…. It’s no small wonder that his music is so deep and so divine. He looks for purpose in everything he expresses, wether it be a note, a phrase, a chord, a rhythm,  a song, an album concept, it’s title, a sound used…….

His wholistic and always honest approach pervades everything….. from his musical world, to his family life, resulting in beautiful music, and a beautiful family as well. A private and most remakable man in so many ways, you’ll be delighted to learn things about Gonzalo that up till now have only been known to a few of his dearest friends and family.

So don’t forget to check in from time to time for periodic installments.

Many Thanks!!!!

Gary Galimidi



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